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3 Ways Twitter Boosts Your Blogging Abilities

Twitter has changed many aspects of how we conduct our business and personal lives online. It has been said time and time again, social media and social networking have revolutionized the way in which we communicate with one another in every realm of life. Not only are our personal relationships conducted through our Facebook profiles, but our professional lives in many ways hinge on our web presence and LinkedIn connections. While many professions rely on social media and social networking, blogging is one area of business that is intrinsically married to social media hubs like Facebook and Twitter. These three aspects of Twitter encourage stronger blog writing and more profitable blog marketing if a user knows how to utilize them properly.


Writing Style

Though many people overlook this aspect of Twitter, the platform can build on and improve an individual’s style of writing. Twitter encourages you to be brief and concise. All too often, writers become overly verbose and long winded in their execution. Web writing in particular begs for brief and straightforward writing. Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t add your own personal style into your writing, but you should try to always keep your audience in mind. As we all know (and probably recognize in ourselves), the web audience craves instant gratification. For this reason, clean and concise writing is most effective online. Twitter forces you to get your point across in fewer than 140 characters. This is great practice for bloggers writing for a web audience. Sentences can become more compact and to the point, catering to the short attention spans of online readers.


Web Traffic and Accessibility

Obviously, marketing and traffic make up a significant portion of successful blogging efforts. Social media and networking have played a major role in blogging and blog marketing. Bloggers use hubs like Twitter and Facebook to market their blog to a wider and more specific audience. Twitter is a wonderful tool in particular for blog marketing because users can distribute the title and link to their article to the mass public. Furthermore, gaining a wider audience with your blog is all about being easily accessible to your audience. Twitter can help bloggers remain always available to their readers or potential readers. Twitter allows bloggers to hold important conversations with their readers and helps to foster a more personal relationship between blogger and reader.


Reading Your Audience

Another aspect of Twitter that many people overlook is how it helps individuals remain conscious about who their audience is and what their audience is looking for. This, too, is an essential aspect of blogging. A blogger must constantly keep their reader in mind. Posting on Twitter encourages people to consider who it is that will be reading their posts and how they will interpret it. At times without even realizing it, we shape our Tweets around what we think our audience will want to hear. This is precisely how blogging must work. As with Twitter, bloggers want to create material that is audience specific. This is not to say that you have to write posts that only take your audience into mind. Of course, create something that interests and inspires you, but do think of your audience at all times.


Twitter is a wonderful resource for marketing and a wonderful writing tool. Become more conscious of your Twitter use in order to create a better and more successful blog.


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