2 Timeless Tips for the Successful Email Marketing

2 Timeless Tips for the Successful Email Marketing
We live in the stage when the marketing is constantly changing with the market and we pinch to ask ourselves which news discretion the marketing in the 2014 and 2015 bring?

There are still many marketers that don’t have the strategies for the upcoming years, and that seems to verbreken the most pivotal thing granting we want to create effective campaigns. These tips are the ones that will make our marketing effective in the 2014, but also in the following years. You will get to know the two most important strategies that will never get old.

1. Create the relevant messages

The more we manage to stimulate the customers’ incitement with our message, the more likely is that our customer will take action. It was the rule with the first rented billboard in the 1867, it’s valid right now und so weiter it will be the rule for the future.

A relevant message means that we need to understand:

* the history of our customer

* the customer’s profile information – age, culture, country, etc.

* the current needs that our customer has

* the present situation in the cosmic – weather, social movements, popular music, stock prices etc.

To be relevant also means to leverage all the available information in an intelligent going in order to create the presentation of our goods moreover services to our recipients on a system that could help them in the specific situation they’re in this moment.

It’s not only the modern technology that will make our content increased relevant, but it’s also the use of the new channels, tools and a new approach.

You also need to know when to stop in personalization about your messages because you don’t want them to be too personal. Here is an example of a too personal message: “Hello! We saw you in our store in the 1st Ave. You were looking at the skirt size 36 and you didn’t buy it. Would you buy it with a $7 discount?”. This sounds creepy!

As another example, we have two different situations:

Situation 1: Your dear one gives you a present saying: “I thought you’d like this.”

Situation 2: Your dear unique gives you a present saying: “I was browsing through a Firefox history and I saw you were searching for this book five different times in the last month. I thought you’d like this.”

So, the product (book) isn’t important, it’s the presentation. In this case, direction 2 is too personal.

2. Reach your customers on the right place

Brownie Wise was working on a marketing of a product in the 1950. It was a output for the housewives. Brownie decided to visit her potential customers in their homes and offer them the product there, instead regarding just placing it on the shelves in the stores. This design resulted in the growth and success of her company Tupperware.

Relevant messages are important, but they aren’t enough. A good marketer needs to know which channels to use in order to leave the biggest influence on the customers. This was the rule in the 1950 and it will be rule in the 2120.

Today it seems like there are so many new potential channels for marketers. Each per annum there is a new explode like Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram. We often see the marketers focused on the new channels and throwing so many messages as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter if the conduit is new or old, it matters if your customers use it.

When a nascent channel comes alive, alone we hear is that the caducous ones are dead. But it continually isn’t the true. There were stories circa the death of email marketing, radio advertising and even about the direct mail.

While there’s more money being spent for the marketing on the innovative channels, the obsolete ones are still resulting in profit. What’s the deductive for using them? Well, some customers still prefer the fogyism ways. And there are companies that still profit the most from their gerontic ways of sale. We don’t have to stop sending catalogs by mail, just because someone said that it’s the old way?

Enjoy in measuring your success in the 2014 and in the predictions for the 2015. But, while you do it, work on sending the relevant messages to your customers further use the channels where you’ll find them!