Industries forecast growth in marketing research

Some people may know some supervenient information nearly friends and families along their profiles in social media. You may assign to it as a stalking behavior, but to marketers, it is gold. The data gathered from subscriptions, online lists, and other channels can treffen transformed into valuable info which disposition translate to a more targeted marketing and business campaigns for consumers. The field of marketing research analytics is rapidly evolving, with latest methodologies and advanced technologies to convenient store and process information faster.

It takes more than an senior business or marketing course to understand the advanced techniques used in marketing research. This specialty area in marketing has not only seen growth in many organizations, the career outlook as a marketing researcher and material analysts has seen a tremendous growth, along with the salary and job opportunities. Therefore, it is but timely that Centennial College presented its Marketing – Study & Analytics (2845) program to postsecondary graduates. It is a one-year graduate certificate course involving everything between marketing and marketing research and analytics.

The 13-course curriculum is comprised of advanced courses, each taught by knowledgeable and experienced faculty members in the School of Business. Students can expect plenty of exciting knowledge and skills to be learned from each marketing research course:

* Each marketing course requires the student to prepare reports and deliver presentations in a shark manner. Students will strategize on competitive positioning and uniquevalue proposition, and create marketing plans.
* Marketing includes math as much as it does communications. A focus on statistics for marketing research purposes will be studied, where students will identify and use different measurement techniques learn topics on sampling versus census data, frequency, probability, and correlation.

* Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing research and its advanced areas, such equal database mining. They are going to knowledge bout software programs to ease the process, but they have to understand the theory behind the marketing first.
* A distinctive part of the program requires students to learn the widely embraced industry software called ENVISION from Environics Analytics, a Centennial College partner for this program. This software will help students analyze and choose their center markets for specific marketing campaigns.
* Data collection, analysis, further interpretation will be practiced using Microsoft Excel.
* The SASEnterprise, a powerful marketing desegregation tool, will be introduced to students, where they volition and practice in labs where they longing develop and husbandry the data including demiurgic reports for management use.
* The Research and Analytics – Capstone course will summarize the year’s knowledge and applied learning into one major project, where students will usebusiness analysis methodologies besides advanced analytical methods complete the marketing examination and analysis case study.

Marketing – Research & Analytics graduates are prepared for a career in various industries where they can praxis the marketing profession. They have become Online Marketing Analysts, Business Analytics Specialists, Sales Data Analysts, Loyalty Program Analysts, et alii CRM Analysts. Centennial College has outdone itself with this revolutionary program in marketing research.