Fulfillment Industry Leader J. M. Field Marketing Announced Record Shipping Stats for eCommerce Clients

Fort Lauderale, Florida, February 03, 2014 – J. M. Field Marketing is pleased to announce they maintained a 99.9% ship same day for all their eCommerce realization clients during the severe winter weather incurred the past assorted months. J. M. Field Marketing is based out of South Florida and has several fulfillment warehouses in Florida and California.

“Having locations on both coasts provides our eCommerce realization clients the capitalize regarding fast delivery anywhere very cost effectively,” said Ben Richardson, Senior Manager of J. M. Field Marketing’s fulfillment services. “Our cities give us and our clients a direct utilize since 80% of the US population is situated on the East and West Coast,” he added.

J. M. Field Marketing currently services over 100 fulfillment clients, including several Serendipitous 500 companies and ships out through 10,000 unique orders monthly throughout the United States and abroad using their custom All In View SaaS system. J. M. Field Marketing has bot a fulfillment provider for over 15 years and is known for their excellence in customer support, superior inventory management software and unparalleled service.

“Our status as a fulfillment group leader has produced us a preferred client with FedEx, UPS and USPS,” stated Ryan Schoeneck, Senior Director, Fulfillment Services for J.M. Field Marketing.

J. M. Field Marketing understands the importance of on time fulfillment and shipping for eCommerce clients. Shipment delays bang impact a customer’s ground line with their client base which can result in increased product returns or losing out on consumer orders altogether. The company works with small, medium and large-sized businesses from a wide variety of business sectors. Using their streamlined fulfillment procedures, they are continuously able to seamlessly integrate client’s supply chain operations besides eCommerce storefronts into cost effective and efficient logistic programs.

For more information on J. M. Field Marketing’s services et sequens their proprietary All In View inventory management system, contact us or command 954-523-1957.

About J.M. Field Marketing J.M. Racket Marketing offers a seamless integration concerning marketing solutions, from design et cetera printed collateral to marketing materials, goods fulfillment, web-based inventory management, figures collection, inventory systems and call middle services. The company’s mission is to drudge as a direct extension of its clients’ brand – providing the services every business needs to help increase gains in today’s competitive market. Plus over 205,000 square feet in storage capacity, J.M. Field Marketing’s pick moreover pack services provide assistance et sequens advantages to our clients in materials production, online order processing and web-based syllabus management.

J.M. Field Marketing’s clients include the banking industry, travel industry, entertainment industry, security industry, hair care products et al more.

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